quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2006

the explorations of love's quality 2

About Knowledge and Circumstance, or material/immaterial: the explorations of love's quality. by María Isabel Villac (continuação)
"I don't like to see this struggle to become ethereal as a sour reaction against the world, but Istart to think that it is an alienation, a difficulty to believe in the improvement andadaptability of joy and love. I don´t like it either to see it as a surrender to the powerful forcesof human exploitation.I like to see it as the last place of the polarity that frames Western thought, overloads itslimits and, still nowadays, hurts love, nature, the cosmic world we want. How can otherwisebe understood the will to substitute being together by living alone, knowledge gained inconvivial happiness by information, touch by absence of touch, if everything is an option foreverything, and nothing, but nothing at all can be "substitute"? "

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